NORMA'S HISTORY- continued

Guess what! I've run out of space already. So here is a second page to list all my Awards- dates-places- and hopefully some space for a few more old photo's!

I DRAFTED THIS OLD HORSE AND HAD A BALL ON HIM! MY first run in a Draft was on (RED) at Bundarra a very memorable day! I think this was the actual (Album Cover).1985


The Campdrafter- a special favourite on Vanishing Horsemen album! It has been played & sung to farewell so many old Campdrafters over the last few years! And  I actually wrote a special (final verse) to honour old Bob Campbell at his funeral in Inverell. And as a tribute -I performed the song at Warwick Rodeo- that same year to honour Bob. One day I will record a new version & add the final verse for him.  Inspired purely by Campdrafting- this unique Australian sport, Peter Manchee asked me could I write a song- and I said"if you give me the first line Pete?  Peters first line was- (He walked into the camp & slowly looked around!)  & the rest is history as they say.  I still remember that got written at Pallamallawa Campdraft. . The Firequeen is an old Will Ogilvie poem-but the rest I wrote- and that album seems to be timeless.  I was actually living it all myself, and I gathered the stories as I went. Like Stumpy- inspired by the mam himself, who won the Warwick Gold Cup, saddle bronc rides- too much to mention here. And The Outlaw & the Lady- this amazing true story, Chris Hall is certainly a Legend in her own right! It is one thing to be given Awards- but the biggest award of all is when these songs are still inspiring to a whole new generation of riders today. With a bit of luck (Solid Gold) will also inspire and bring my music to a whole new audience of horsemen & women.