Hi everyone -its like someone waved a magic wand- Bony Mountain a sea of green grass- soaked paddocks- but loving it all- our thoughts are with all of those affected by drought & also by fires! what a shocking time it has been ! I cannot imagine having no home- losing everything? some people just walked out!  lost everything they ever owned- photos- family things- I do recommend to everyone put all your precious photo's on a Stick- in a hard drive- !  special thanks to everyone for joining us (Pixie & I) on our (Spirit of Christmas Tour) the week prior to Xmas-  -who came along & said gooday- supported the tour- great to catch up with old mates -some I had not seen for 30 odd years!  It was a very rewarding trip for me personally- I'm sure for Pixie too- we both  felt like we were doing our little bit-toward the Drought & the Bushfires?  I do hope my rain song worked for your town- your place!  We have had good falls  here at Bony Mountain - but lets face it -we all need inches of rain to really break the grip of this awful drought!  Onward & upward- looking to September & our next Bony Mountain Festival now- hope you can saddle up & join us !  It will be another cracker- such a great lineup again !  check out our artists for 2020-

 My Granddaughters- a cup of tea in the garden!  My garden all under shade cloth- all in pots!  my only little patch of green! but things are very wet now our dam is full. 

Luv Norma xxxx