Winning "Australian Celtic Artist of the year " in 2014. I am only performing this year no entries! but hopefully next year!

Highland dancing with her two Sisters - Norma grew up with Celtic music.

Names are wrong - eldest is Judith- Nancy & Norma is the youngest!

One of the earliest memories is the Pipers, blowing up their bagpipes, I still love the Bagpipes!

They make an awesome sound! no wonder the Scottish used them to march into battle!

Wonderful start to the year !

I hope you are all well & enjoying 2017 so far .  We have had wonderful rain and a great start to the year ! everything is so green & the mower has been busy!  I'm currently planting a heap of tubers, Casuarinas mostly and filling in gaps as well as replacing some trees lost! Lots of mulching, and watering before the rain, always a relief to get good rain though saves a lot of work. As you may know I cancelled Tamworth this year, and I know some of you were dissapointed but I plan to return next year to the Bush Camp. I have postponed any touring for the next couple of months as there is too much going on here. However I am booked to do four shows at Glen Innes Celtic Festival in May & looking forward to that.  I will still be releasing the new album in time for the Festival in September. Always exciting to be able to offer a new album to our crowd here. I did set myself a big program for this year & I think I did get carried away! Never mind it will all come to pass!   Stay well look forward to catching up with you all this year!   Luv Norma XXX


Really enjoying my radio show every Monday from 9am! ANZAC day show today  as we are involved in the March here in Warwick . Phil will be leading the march again being the flag bearer for Descendants of Diggers. He feels pretty proud to be a part of it all being the Grandson & son of both World War 1, and World War 11 veterans. I featured Eric Bogles (The Band Played Waltzing Matilda). Also Redgum & John Schumans -(Only 19) such a moving and powerful song. Also two of Tom McIvors poems, John Major poem, several Bushwacker songs-April 25, a favourite of mine & got some lovely feedback. Only thing I could not find a suitable bugle ? this was a request but I couldn't find that.  I played the usual a Celtic /Country mix ,seem to be featuring quite a few Bush Balladeers though ,a whole run of new albums, from Jeff Brown, Terry Bennets, Dean Perrets new album, Glenn Jones, I generally play some Furys, Murphys Pigs, next week I'm going to feature a new discovery, a Bluegrass Band! and more good stuff. Enjoy Mel Parsons-a NZ artist love her Far Far Away! also loving Runaway Dixies (Poor Mans Gold- played Now your Gone, great song! Virginia is such a talent! I always try to find some good new stuff there if I get my hands on some of it? Next Monday also have Paul Costa (new album) - & several others!   I get to send out cheerios to anyone in Hospital, and play requests sometimes.   Hope you can tune in -  WWW.RAINBOWFM.ORG  

If you have a favourite artist or song give me a call! I play a bit of this & that and try to mix it up !  NORMA & RODEO QUEENS FOR 2016 AT RAINBOW FM last October.

Click on that & click top right where it says (listen live) !  Studio Phone- 07-46618989

TOURS - I will be at the Celtic Festival in Glen Innes in early May. go to Australian Celtic Festival web site & check out dates/times it is a great week.   


For those of you who like me enjoy growing things, planting things and are into all that stuff! Go to my Landcare web site have just added new photo's and updates showing (before & after) photo's of our tree corridors, plantations, and whats happening here at Bony Mountain. I get a big kick out of planting trees and watching them grow and creating the perfect habitat for all our native critters , our koalas, achidnas, lizards, & our beautiful birds! 

MY FAVOURITE CASUARINA flowers with huge bracts of crimson flowers every spring!




Still on track to finish my Celtic Connection (volume three) but too much else going on at present so I'm just putting it on the back burner for now. A lot of stuff to get happening in preparation for the Festival this year!  My Hall of Fame for one, it needs to be built this year and waiting for the cooler months! It will be a place to display all the memorabilla I can get my hands on and will be paying tribute to a lot of our heroes! Stan Coster, Slim Dusty, to name a few, There will be lesser known artists as well , so for a start and I invite anyone who has something special you would like to share with us ! please bring it along & we will put it on display in our Bony Mountain Hall of Fame. These things will only be on loan of course & you can take them home again if you wish!                 

This photo- remembering (Merv Maltman) Merv at Bony Mountain in 2011. I am planning a small tribute to him & Tom McCivor as two of our best Songwriters this year at the Festival! 

Contact me on -  with any enquiries!


An exciting project for me this year will be my Musical Production I have written and created for children. It is to have it's premiere as a Christmas matinee at Warwicks magnifent Town Hall and hopefully will include a cast of thousands! It includes Scarecrows,Sunflowers, Twinkling Stars, Koalas, Kangaroos, Cockatoos, and of course the magic moon! Rehearsals have started at the local School already but lots of work to be done!  

Very much a community event including local artists, local Schools, musicians etc