The Dedication ceremony with Anne & Dianne was very moving- we are proud to have this (Golden Sandstone) and plaque here at Bony Mountain-Slim will always be part of the Festival now!

Cape Byron Celtic Dancers - shine as always!


Norma onstage at Bony Mountain!

Our Festival was so much fun this year-with doggie parade- where did all the dogs come from? it was amazing! The BUMS ukulele Club -had a uke school all week- what a success that was! It surprised us all- our Fairy cave- our PIrates. Bush Balladeers were wonderful- the Bluegrass, the Poetry- the comedy- But as always the Pipe Band was one of my favourites.  Also our brilliant Cape Bryon Celtic Dancers- with their magical costumes and spectacular dances ! they truly reached a new high this year!  Too many highlights to mention here, but do go to the Web Site-

Lots of great photo's !

Warwick Pipe Thistle Band marching in at our Bony Mountain Festival! our seventh Festival & one of our best yet!

Bony Mountain Festival done & dusted for another year!

Our Bony Mountain event just seems to get better every year! I loved this years event ,there was something special about it all, maybe the balmy weather, maybe the crowd, but the comraderie and the real family feel seems to be stronger as each year passes. My son Ben & I have talked about it and we always feel a bit devastated when everyone leaves on the Monday! the paddock empties out, the stage is silent & it is a very empty feeling?  you would think we would be glad to see everyone go! but aah well, that is what happens ! it has become much more than just an event to us, it is a real gathering! I suspect reminiscent of the old clan gatherings back in medieval times -1000s of years ago! maybe I have been watching too much TV!   GREAT TO HAVE THE COADS AGAIN!


For those of you who like me enjoy growing things, planting things and are into all that stuff! Go to my Landcare web site have just added new photo's and updates showing (before & after) photo's of our tree corridors, plantations, and whats happening here at Bony Mountain. I get a big kick out of planting trees and watching them grow and creating the perfect habitat for all our native critters , our koalas, achidnas, lizards, & our beautiful birds! 

MY FAVOURITE CASUARINA flowers with huge bracts of crimson flowers every spring!




An exciting project for me over the next few years will be my Musical Production I have written and created for children. It is being considered by some local theatre groups and hopefully will include a cast of thousands! It includes Scarecrows,Sunflowers, Twinkling Stars, Koalas, Kangaroos, Cockatoos, and of course the magic moon.