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The Rodeo Collection -by your request- featuring some classics from my early years- and introducing some brand new songs from this Master songwriter. Going back to where it all began for Norma- back to the Campdrafts- the Rodeos- the real Cowboys- with some Award winning songs- (Stumpy) story of Stumpy Timmins- (RM) tribute to our iconic RM Williams- (The Campdrafter) became a signiture song for so many old Campaigners! And the new tracks will follow along the same path-highlighting some of the greats-from Rodeo- Campdraft-and Outback Australia. We all know Norma has the gift of bringing all this history & our legends & heroes to life in her songs. (Paddy William) an Iconic figure in the KImberley-won Norma & Slim a Gold Guitar- Norma met Paddy and got his story straight from the horses mouth! We can all look forward to what will be another (must have) collection!