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Price: 30.00 AUD
Nominated for the Australian Celtic Awards in 2020- Norma won Australian Celtic Artist of the year-in 2014. with the Celtic Connection. My latest album -Bloodlines is all about my Ancestry-my Celtic roots- my Mothers family-the Hungerfords- who built a Medieval Castle over 600 years ago- a cousin who was a survivor on the Titanic. Inspired by dreams of Knights & Castles and Medieval England/Ireland/Scotland .join me in a journey back in time! featuring three wonderful olde traditional Irish songs- Galway Bay- Loch Lomond & Patriot Games


Price: 20.00 AUD
This is a Collectors item-my top selling album! an Award winner. -all originals except one! a sequel to Vanishing Horsemen if you like! A lifetime spent with horses -and it shines through with this brilliant collection of songs. Norma's own version of (Paddy William) won Gold Guitar with Slim Dusty-2001. Tributes to Australia's finest- horses and Legends & Heroes. A Cutting song- I'm a Cowgirl- Warwick Rodeo- Texas to Tamworth- and the wonderful Hall O Fame- captures it all. The title track is a love song -dedicated to Norma's beloved Quarter Horse stallion -Roc Again and be assured this magnificent collection is one of her finest albums.


Price: 30.00 AUD
Most of Norma's classic hits! Who's Takin'you home tonite- - Warwick Gold Cup-Fresh Horses-Old FJ- Barbwire & Bamboo- Murray River Blues -Old School Bus- a magic collection for the whole family! Originally released in 2012 to send to all our mates on Radio! Have yourself a merry Xmas !


Price: 20.00 AUD
The ultimate collection for Horse lovers/Campdrafters-Norma has lived the life-an accomplished Horsewoman -who has been a Strapper/Jillaroo- with a lifetime of love for our four legged friends. This collection includes Rodeo songs- tales of some of the Legends- (Stumpy) -(RM) as in Williams. Tribute to our first lady (Roughriders) -our Rodeo Clowns- our Pick up men-