Don't miss this -if you love all the old history-horses-pioneering- and want to experience life-living like our Grandparents-our Ancestors-   back in the 1800s! go to Web Site- check it out- www.oldwarwicktown.com

We are running a Heritage weekend- with two main displays- living/working /with two oldtimers- a Blacksmith and a Teamster/Drover -will be doing demonstrations all weekend- with a Blacksmith Shop- and a Drovers Camp- with Pack Horses-Maybe Bullock wagon- Buggy rides- Billy tea & Damper- great tucker- great entertainment. Bush Bands-Bush Poetry- Ukulele Bands- and lots more- leave your name on Web site -to express interest! we will need to know numbers if you want to come & camp we will open up Camp Grounds. $50 per person only - for Campers. Day trippers- $10 day passes- kids free.  


Everyone is celebrating the rain! If ever I doubted my (Rain song) ? I certainly don't now- it has come through for me again ! come through for us all- I do hope that it is widespread. Steady soaking here- might fill our dam. so lovely to see everything so green. This young Lady Brianna-is only nine years old-but she has just won National Junior Barrels-in Tamworth recently-  on a horse I bred-OMO- by Roc -of course! feel so proud of the old horse- he might be gone-but never forgotten. Congratulations to them both!  

The Celtic Connection and our family history.

It surely is a strong one! my Mothers family were The Hungerfords, a very influencial family in British History. Much to my surprise ! our illustrious ancestors built a Castle known as (Farleigh  Hungerford Castle) back in 1370 .Sir Thomas Hungerford built this medieval Castle & its a long story but they lived there for over 600 years off and on. ! Some of them fought with the Kings at the battle of Argincourt, some of them followed Cromwell & met their demise! Sir Thomas was the very first speaker of the house of commons in the British Parliment! It is a very colourful & well documented history. It is described as the most significant Medieval Castle in England as it is at Somerset ,the actual family crypt contains the marble effigys of the two Original Hungerfords! And I do intend to research it well & put a lot of it into songs & poetry. Another big project! but one I will relish!

George & I on Emu Beach on Kangaroo Island! during our South Oz tour- -April 2nd- looking back on this photo now George has grown a lot! he was sooo tiny here he looks so small!