Seems very appropriate to call it that -because it will include so much of my history.  And my album (River Gums & Mallee Dust) certainly brings it all back to me in the songs! The old Paddlewheelers still are exciting to me -and I hope to have a close encounter with at least one during this tour. I was born in Swan Hill- spent my childhood beside the Murray and finally my music career began on the Riverboat restaurant in Swan Hill.  - This tour will take us onto a big Paddle Wheeler in Mildura ! looking forward to that and lots of highlights!

Supporting our dedicated Life Flight team in Queensland.

Since Bony Mountain began in 2011-we have supported various local groups- Southern Cross Care- Young Care-and Care Flight. We have raised approx $6000 with just raffles- and it is amazing how well we have done really-because we struggle every year to make ends meet! But this year we are now a registered (Not For Profit) incorporated body & I am determined we will surpass all we have ever achieved toward our fundraising efforts! Our dedicated raffle team (Aub & Robyn) will be at Rose City again for 2018 from July -so please support us !  Or just google Life Flight & make a donation direct online ! We never know when any of us may need their life saving helicopter/plane or dedicated team they are often the first on the scene at road accidents and disasters ,we would be lost without them.  

Bookings for Festival- on main page- press the blue button.

Woodfired Pizza this year at Bony Mountain !

We all love a bit of variety! these blokes serve up Vegetarian- Meatlovers- and you choose your own ingredients! how good is that!

The Celtic Connection and our family history.

It surely is a strong one! my Mothers family were The Hungerfords, a very influencial family in British History. Much to my surprise ! our illustrious ancestors built a Castle known as (Farleigh  Hungerford Castle) back in 1370 .Sir Thomas Hungerford built this medieval Castle & its a long story but they lived there for over 600 years off and on. ! Some of them fought with the Kings at the battle of Argincourt, some of them followed Cromwell & met their demise! Sir Thomas was the very first speaker of the house of commons in the British Parliment! It is a very colourful & well documented history. It is described as the most significant Medieval Castle in England as it is at Somerset ,the actual family crypt contains the marble effigys of the two Original Hungerfords! And I do intend to research it well & put a lot of it into songs & poetry. Another big project! but one I will relish!

George & I on Emu Beach on Kangaroo Island! during our South Oz tour- -April 2nd- looking back on this photo now George has grown a lot! he was sooo tiny here he looks so small!