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Price: 50.00 AUD
A MAGIC GIFT ! A DVD- & TWO AWARD WINNING ALBUMS . A special package for someone you love! The DVD for the whole family to sit & enjoy-featuring 2 hours of pure Aussie entertainment- and a great glimpse of one of Australia's best little Festivals!

SOLID GOLD (postage included)

Price: 30.00 AUD
This is a Collectors item-my top selling album! an Award winner. -all originals except one! a sequel to Vanishing Horsemen if you like! A lifetime spent with horses -and it shines through with this brilliant collection of songs. Norma's own version of (Paddy William) won Gold Guitar with Slim Dusty-2001. Tributes to Australia's finest- horses and Legends & Heroes. A Cutting song- I'm a Cowgirl- Warwick Rodeo- Texas to Tamworth- and the wonderful Hall O Fame- captures it all. The title track is a love song -dedicated to Norma's beloved Quarter Horse stallion -Roc Again and be assured this magnificent collection is one of her finest albums.

SWEET LOVE- "postage included)

Price: 30.00 AUD
My life is on this album- a collection of 15 love songs. All written by me except for the two duets. Award winners- special songs written for friends- inspired by my own life-and loves. Written with love and always delivered with sincerity and love. Two songs on here have never been on any of my albums- Big City Hotel & Sorry if I'm dancing too close! two brand new songs- I Won't Cry & Lookin' for love- the songs recorded span my entire career- from 1986- up until 2017 and cover a lifetime of joy and laughter & tears!

THE BEST OF ME- postage included

Price: 30.00 AUD
Most of Norma's classic hits! Who's Takin'you home tonite- - Warwick Gold Cup-Fresh Horses-Old FJ- Barbwire & Bamboo- Murray River Blues -Old School Bus- a magic collection for the whole family! Originally released in 2012 to send to all our mates on Radio! Have yourself a merry Xmas !

THE VANISHING HORSEMEN (postage included))

Price: 30.00 AUD
VANISHING HORSEMEN- A considered a (Country Classic) & written after a lifetime spent with horses/jillarooing/competing/training is the essence of this album, which won me my very first Golden Guitar & considered by many as my best ! Inspired by my Campdrafting adventures, my mates, tributes to the Clydesdale, Campdrafting, Rodeo stories, our top Horsemen & women, Stumpy, one of my first Songwriting Awards- Best New Songwriter, at the TSA Awards. My tribute to one of Australia's best Lady Campdrafters Chris Hall & her horse Peter, with The Outlaw & The Lady, a true story in Chris's own words. The Old Brigade, telling the story of our Legendary light horsemen & their horses, RM Williams ,a serious tribute inspired after reading RMs own story. , The Camp Drafter, a big favorite among the world of Campdrafting. And my first Gold Guitar win, in the Heritage Award, with How The Firequeen Crossed The Swamp, an amazing true story, about a Legendary horse team-called The Firequeen, and a Will Ogilvie Poem. This album is considered by many to be my most enduring. A must for any serious collector, and anyone interested in our pioneering history, you be the judge!